Ayenz Construction & Interiors continues to be at the forefront of buildingcontracting, contracting,since 2018 of experience in interior, MEP works and all type ofmaintenance works and managed by highlyexperienced professional who gained more than12 years’ experience in Abu Dhabi.

We undertake quality projects and ensure they are completed on time and on budget. Our clients are well-known engineeringconsultants and eminent members of the construction industry.

Our motto is excellence, innovation and professionalism. We are driven by the motivation toserve better each time. We appreciate you taking the time to go through the Ayenz Construction & Interiors profile.

This is a great opportunity for us to communicate our services and key competitive strengths to you.This profile is designed to provide you with an introduction to us, and we hope and look forward to meeting our clients personally to develop a relationship through one-on-one interaction shortly.

Give us an opportunity to showcase our efficiency and workmanship bylisting Ayenz Construction & Interiors in your main / subcontractor’s panel.